Alexander Girard

29 October 2010

In 1952, Girard was hired to head the textile division of Herman Miller.

He formed a design team with George Nelson and Charles and Ray Eames! 

Together, they influenced the fundamentals of design throughout the USA.

And the rest of the world. 


Girard initially established fabrics based on his architectural training. 

His first fabric line consisted of plain upholsteries and geometric prints.

Stripes, circles, and triangles. 

He went on to create more patterns and designs, largely inspired by folk art. 


He also worked with a 19th Century textile mill he discovered in Mexico.

Basically, to create a line of handwoven 100% cotton fabrics. 

He developed a range of colorful mexidots and mexistripes.

They were used in many of his projects, including upholstery.


In 1962, Girard and his wife established the Girard Foundation in Santa Fe. 

Their art collection numbered over 100,000 pieces.

Toys, dolls, icons, and other ethnic expressions. 

Would love to discover this treasury one day. 


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