23 September 2010

Tonight, a show by Belgian illustrator Brecht Vandenbroucke opens in London.

Nobrow Gallery will be showing a collection of just under twenty works.

They first saw his work on Flickr, via a small 20px squared portrait!

That's correct - as a comment box of someone else’s Flickr photostream.


"I am interested in pop culture, happiness, insanity, surrealism", says Brecht.

"Loneliness, death and alienation. 

Drawing is very lonely.

But I also like fun, fun is good.


I’ve been making stuff all of my life.

I guess I will continue doing it until the day I die.

Life is too short, there is not enough time to do everything I want to.

I find that sometimes a bit depressing.


Ideas pop in to my head all the time, So I write them down.

I write a lot - the moment I have an idea I see the entire image in my head.

But then I look for more information on the subject to avoid cliches.

Everything has to be right.


I like pulling stuff from reality into my work.

I used to work with a sketchbook and make compositions of everything.

However, I found it much easier lately to paint the images immediately.

Just see what comes out - it’s easy as I can erase mistakes whenever I want.


Mostly I've been influenced by the work of Mark Beyer, ATAK,

Charlotte Solomon, Topor, Henry Darger, David Shrigley, and Glen Baxter . 

But I also love Disney and crappy comics - I love culture in all forms.

I don’t see a difference between pop culture and underground culture.”


Oh by the way - Brecht is one of the collaborators of the Expo EGO show!

20 artists translated pictures by Antwerp collective Der Ikonoklast.

"We made pictures, a melon got raped, images got stolen, art was made of it."

Can't be wrong!



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