14 March 2011

You can't become a fan of another country's national football team

Only because of their outfit, can you?

Still, as much as we like England's new jersey,

we were pretty surprised by the Nike design for France's away kit.


It takes strong visual cues from the marinière,

a piece of French history since the last century,

and now

a timeless French style icon.


The marinière first appeared as the uniform of sailors

in the French navy in the 19th century.

Soon, it would become a symbol of French culture,

adopted by free‐spirited individuals in France and beyond.


The campaign's photography was done by Karl Lagerfeld.

We think the Belgian football team's outfit deserves a redesign as well.

We've got the designers, the artistic vision and the textiles knowledge.

But have we got the guts?


via Dezeen

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By Pentol 09/07/14 (3 years ago)

I visited your store when we were in Belfast this past semumr. I just love it, I hope everyone stops in. I'll be back on every visit to the area. A very special place! Happy Holidays