Coup de Ville (2)

27 October 2010

Coup de Ville also featured The feeding (2006) by Michaël Borremans.

It's a 35mm film (transferred to dvd) focussing on deceit and illusion.

The reel shows African servants serving their masters at diner.

Since the masters are erased, only the act of serving is to be seen.


This ritual is emphasized because of the setting, a 19th century house.

This house originally had a very clear division, servants vs. owners.

The movements are slow but dedicated, the tablewear seems to float. 

It reminded me of the specific silence associated with that environment.


Browsing through Borremans' catalogue, I stumbled upon this painting.

I don't know whether he made the movie first, or the painting.

Very curious to see his latest works, shown at Zeno X in Antwerp.

I'm intruiged by the beautiful Red hand, green hand painting.

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