Designer news: Frédéric Magazine

4 June 2016

Did you know our guest designer Kerozen is one of the founding members of Frédéric Magazine? Stéphane Prigent - his real name and the guy in the back - created the online gallery in 2004 together with (L>R) Isabelle Boinot and Frédéric Poincelet and also with Frédéric Fleury and Emmanuelle Pidoux, both not featured on the picture. Jonas Delaborde, the guy on the right, joined them in 2010.

Frédéric Magazine focusses on drawing as a practice that is its own justification, its very purpose: none of the presented work is made as a cartoon, a preparatory sketch for a painting or sculpture, or as an illustration accompanying a text. It's just drawing 'as is'. Beautiful idea.

Find Kerozen's Envelop collection here.


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