Ei Arakawa

16 December 2010

We like the airbrushed, poetic gradients.


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By Insaf 08/07/14 (3 years ago)

Beautifully written my btaueiful friend. As I read your words, I am reminded of a time when we lived in Hawaii. We had taken a trip to the Big Island of Hawaii and saw the ruins of cities of the past. The lava had overtaken it. Homes were gone. Families devastated. And yet, if you looked really closely, you could see the start of new life. The green of what were trees at one point, flowers, plants that were starting to fight through the harden black rock. The wonder and amazement of of new life out of tragedy. How could something grow from such devastation. Yet, there was the proof little sprigs of green and white and pink and purple coming up out of the black. This is what I see in your words. This image of a btaueiful rainbow of color coming up from the hard black rock of life. Love you much!