'Florian' by member Zosienka

12 April 2010

"Two lovers meet one another on a bridge. All is well until tragedy rises from the water."

The artwork and puppets for this elegant animation were provided by Envelop member Zosienka. Not only do we love the serene atmosphere; the characters are also extremely well-executed and become one with the Cocorosie soundtrack. And that wild flowers bouquet is adorable! 

The film was made in South Africa in a home studio, using traditional cut-out animation. Everything was done under the camera, only some minor After Effects were added later.

It took 3 months to make. The creators constructed a 1.2 meter high light box and mounted the camera above it.

Another animation and several illustrations by Zosienka can be found overhere.

And here's a Shot Of Envelop of her 'Fox tail' pillow!

Music - Cocorosie
Writer/ Director/ Animator - Andrew Gibbs
Art Director/ Puppets - Zosienka Coombes
Special Effects - Neil Vermaak
Sound Design - Anthony Heanen


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