G And G

1 November 2010

Spent a lovely afternoon at the BOZAR Gilbert & George exhibition.

It was called Jack Freak Pictures - and all images were created in 2008.

The common element running throughout the works was the UK flag.

Its historical and symbolic presence is the exhibition's connecting theme.


Pictoral 'bricks' were relatively few and easily to list.

The abstract geometrics and blue, red and white of the flag.

Then medals, amulets, trees, foliage, a city map, street views.

And of course, the artists themselves.


A lot of elements are often mirrored or copy-pasted.

Faces are mutated - eyes, hands, tongues, bodies are everywhere.

Everything is boldly outlined, like with a thick black marker.

Colours are bright, like sun-lit stained glass.


The overall atmosphere's therefor sort of plastique-mystique.

It's ceremonial and ornamental, but also punky/folky.

It has a fun side, but a dark side as well. 

Probably depending of your mood-of-the-day.


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