Hermine Van Dijck

7 April 2015

When in Ghent the next weeks, be sure to visit the Design Museum.

The current show hosts work by talented weaver Hermine Van Dijck,

as she won the 2014 Provincial Design Award,

which is a biennial award in the field of industrial, graphic and crafts.


”I’m fascinated by the slowness of the process.

You need loads of patience, and you’ve literally got everything ‘in your hands’.”

Hermine’s work in inspired by pictures, music, things she sees on the street.

“I used to write everything down in little notebooks”.


To be a good weaver, you certainly need excellent technical skills.

“However, a certain moment gut feeling takes over”, she states.

“I never can predict how a fabric is going to look like precisely.

But then again, that’s exactly what gets me started.”


“I enjoy watching the fabric ‘grow’, thread by thread - it keeps me going”.

And then finally.

Taking the fabric from the loom.

Le moment suprême.


The above text is an extract of an older interview by GVA of February 24 2012.

Discover more weaving candy through herminevandijck.com

Hermine’s work is on display until June 28 at the Design Museum Ghent.

In the meantime, check out the graphic works of Pieter Willems, aka Pjotr.


In other goods news, Hermine has a brand new workshop!

It’s located in Envelop user Stephanie Specht’s new studio in Antwerp.

Stephanie transformed an old warehouse into work and exposition spaces.

Curious? Go have a look - its opening event is this Sunday, April 12th.


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