Inger Johanne

21 May 2010

Totally digg Inger Johanne's textile objects. There's something really attractive in the way she combines floral motifs and geometric patterns. It delivers a unique visual approach resulting in fresh designs like e.g. Avskårne blomster and By med spell.

I discovered her work through the - a brand new blog/magazine created to present Norwegian craft, art and design to an international audience. 


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By Tejprakash 08/07/14 (3 years ago)

Ohhhh, now that's intriguing. I read her first book, What Is Mine, and liked it all expect at the end she seemed to be making excuses for the killer based on his childhood. I think I felt the same as you suggest regarding the surprising final paragraph it was just not what I wanted to read. Without that last paragraph, would you recommend the book?