Lesley Belle

27 September 2010

Glaswegian band Belle & Sebastian are about to release their new album!

It's called Write About Love.

As an introduction, they posted an awesome short film on their website.

Be sure to have a look.


It contains two songs of the forthcoming album.

A hilarious music manager type-o-guy.

Several interesting discussions about DIY and the state of the arts industries.

And last but not least: great shots of the beautiful city Glasgow is.


Did you know member Lesley Barnes designed a tee and tote for the band?

It features a panto horse, a representation of a horse quadruped by 2 actors.

In a single costume, they cooperate and synchronize their movements.

Yes, I had to wiki that :)


It clearly shows Lesley's distinguished style.

Which greatly works out on the pillow cover she designed with Envelop.

It's called King Of Hearts - and you'll love it.

Be sure to check out her other work too, as well as her animation showreel. 


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