Pino Joy

10 May 2010

On your left, an ink drawing by Pino Tovaglia (1923-1977), an Italian graphic designer from Milan. He is often linked to what is called Scuola Svizzera or Swiss School - here you see why. However, I think he had some amazing illustration skills as well.

It somehow reminds me of this superstrong t-shirt collection I discovered earlier, When I Want You In The Night by Christian Joy - the NY designer best known for her Karen O (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) stage costume concepts. You might describe her stunning visual language as a sort of Shaman-Spock-Spiderman-On-Speed kinda breed I guess, but really, there's a lot more to discover: her own blog is a good start.

I'll be sure to post about her other collections later on, but here's already a good interview in which she talks about the collabs with her friend-singer.

To refer to Tovaglia's work: heads will roll.


(lft img src) (rght img src via Christian Joy's website)

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