20 May 2010

Spent an adorable afternoon in Rotterdam last week - we visited the Boijmans Van Beuningen musuem and had a coffee in the Kunsthal afterwards. Both builings are located in the Museumpark, which also hosts the Nai and some lovely modernist houses.

Besides a lot of stunning works by Flemish, Dutch and Italian masters, the museum also featured three temporarily exhibitions that we totally adored: the lightbox image of Hans Wilschut, the glass sculptures by Ritsue Mashima and the dripped ceramics of Anne Wenzel.

And close to the parking lot, there was a pretty unique piece representing Gorillaz' mastermind Murdoc himself! 

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By Neto 12/07/14 (3 years ago)

I am wondering about the corban component of the sauna my friend told me that there is paint, corban and epoxy in the construction of the sauna -this seems to me to be toxic materials, but I don't really know It is a concern because we are doing saunas to removeheavy metals from our body.can you clarify?thanks