Sarah Palisi icecream tones

2 May 2010

Although I'm overlooking a sometimes-but-not-always-sunny Brussels today, listening to Talking Heads' fantastic '77' album makes want to go for a massive icecream. Or maybe it's this printed ensemble by Tsumori Chisato that's causing this desire for some fresh summer sweetness? Did you know this Japanese designer worked with Issey Miyake? That was back in... 1977.

I love coincidences. 

Its colors remind me of the lovely icecream pillow range by member Sarah Palisi. Strawberry Swirl, Chocolate Charmer or Vivid Vanilla? What would David Byrne do?

(via Frolic)


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By Bhosxz 12/07/14 (3 years ago)

wow!!! Christina Carroll!!! I have been FB buds with your dad for a year or so, but never found you on there. I hope you & your mom & brother are all doing well. You have an amnaizg birth story and gorgeous twins!!! You were always such a beautiful child & young lady growing up! I am so glad to have found you on here!! Congratulations to mother hood! It is challenging at times, but the rewards are worth every second! I hope to catch up with you some day! May God bless you abundantly!! HUGS sweetie!!Kellie