22 June 2010

Belgian illustrator and author Gerda Dendooven (1962, Kortrijk) is well-known for her pretty progressive and fresh vision on children's book design. She always tries to find the best approach to support a story or idea, and is not affraid to go nuts with conventional dimensions or color schemes. She likes to trigger àand challenge kids' fantasies and is a total genius in translating their thoughts into visual goodness.

For newspaper De Morgen she revisited her childhood years in a piece about early 20th century all-girls books like Schoolidyllen, Stijfkopje, Wij Teenagers, and so on.

It's all about endless summers, endless crying, drinking lemonade, and, well, being a girl, waiting for your prince charming. Needles to say the feminist movement wasn't really a fan of this kind of literature, back in the days.

But Gerda is, and I just wondered whether she diggs the typical, somewhat American-style cover artwork too. Wouldn't it be awesome to see some of these covers having a Dendooven make-over?

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