Spring swing!

22 March 2015

Remember that day you put on your 

favorite pink skirt and got on the swing? 

The one on the cherry tree in your backyard? 

Didn't the blossoms smell amazing? 

It was right after you baked that cherry pie 

and left it on the windowsill to cool. 

What a day that was!


A poem by user one creative girl to describe her

totebag design “Cherry Blossoms on Her Swing”.

Find a fine selection of other spring-inspired textiles designs 

on the homepage and let freshness kick in!


Other featured items:

Oven glove “Sunflower white” by CarolinaAbarca (ES)

Apron “Daisy” by Liesel Beukes (DE)

Pillow cover “Printemps” by Louise Machado (BR)

Pot holder “Fern in Yellow” by claudiaowen (AU)

Napkin “Liberty Lemon in coral&aqua” by larabrehm (FR)

Pillow cover “Flower Soul” by Adina (BE)

Table runner “Un prato in fiore” by cinzia cappellazzo (DE) 


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