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18 September 2010

UK member Anthony Zinonos made an illustration for a Chanel promo paper!

The gazette was issued supporting the lauch of Bleu de Chanel.

That 's their new fragrance for men.

A scent built around the idea of 'being unexpected'.


Zininos was contacted for the job through the people of Rubbish.

They previously worked together for London Fashion Week's daily newspaper.

Recently his work appeared in IdNThe Gutenberg's Quarterly and Fairy Tale.

He also contributed to many zines, and even did a collab with Alfa Romeo.


His mixed media collages are minimal but never minimalistic.

He's the king of erasing the unessential.

Or sometimes: replacing the unessential.

By bold shapes and colours, hard edged triangles and fluent lines.


What's left is full of movement, depth, content.

Or sometimes: hilarious nonsense.

Complex ideas become crystalclear through his scissors, knife and glue.

He's the McGyver of visual arts.


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