20 September 2011

Finally! Spanning 30 years of breath-taking fashion design,

you can now enjoy Walter Van Beirendonck's

first retrospective exhibition Dream The World Awake

at the Antwerp ModeMuseum.


Additionally, we'd like to present you

Belgian rockers The Black Box Revelation,

rattling your heart

in Walter's clothes.



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By Francinete 08/07/14 (3 years ago)

I think for myself I find socale in the knowledge that every drop in the ocean where I am putting back, wasn't there before, and is added to all the other drops that people are putting in even as we seek to empty out the muck. So I can appreciate that juxtaposed insignificance, that sense of being tiny in the scheme of things (and considering space and the galaxies far reaching and seemingly infinite is enough to remind me of thi), but also appreciate that I am still making a difference, by contributing. I could choose not to, and instead I choose to. Also, as you say none of the greater achievements we in our egoism seek to match the standard of happened without other people, or lots of tiny acts. I also like to think of things in ripples. The conversations I have, the conversations others go on to have sometimes it is cumulative and sometimes you do see a shift in a specific way, maybe in your family, friends group or social community but you can see the difference. It's not all encompassing but I find the way the ripples happen to be comforting. A good general example of this would be the whole destroying the joint' response that joyful and affirmative declaration that Yes. Yes we are destroying the joint (and in my head the joint' is the status quo').