Wind Knits

15 March 2011

Wind Knitting Factory

2009, Merel Karhof (NL)


With the power of the wind, a knitting machine knits

from the outside towards the inside of a building.

The knitted material is harvested from time to time

and rounded-off in individually packaged scarves.

Each scarf has its own label

which tells you

in how much time it has been knitted

and on which date.


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deborah - kickcan & conkers

By deborah - kickcan & conkers 16/03/11 (6 years ago)
re: Wind Knits

Reminds me of the knitting clock


By Lou 09/07/14 (3 years ago)

i was in the middle of conimetnmg here this morning, and well, you know.I was gonna say the skirt looks so perfectly swingy! I have several vintage knitting books etc etc, but have felt kinda lost when it comes to knitted boy things. and why is it that the goodwill has so many more girl clothes than boys? not fair. For all of the crafty-goodness to be made, I can't help but hope for a girl next.