Yin Xiuzhen Van

26 May 2010

When we spotted the tactile textiles-based installations by Yin Xiuzhen at Le Centre Pompidou last month, we couldn't resist to do some further research. 

A leading figure in contemporary Chinese art, Yin has worked primarily in site-specific installation and sculpture since the early 1990s. Her work addresses issues on both an environmental scale and a personal one, and often employs quotidian materials, including found textiles. 

The large-scale sculpture Collective Subconscious for example, shown above, is composed of a bisected minivan connected by a long tube covered in a quilt made of found garments. 

The public is welcomed inside this transformed conveyance, where they will find a cozy refuge complete with low stools and soft pop music - a space that invites visitors to break the silence of the hushed gallery, reinventing it as a place for conversation and discussion.

Just imagine yourself heading for your fave summerfestival in this van. Too cozy!


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