Eco manifesto was built with the basics and philosophy of smart consumption in mind.

consumer demand is a key business driver for both retailers and brands - See more at:

What's smart consumption? Well, since consumer demand is an essential business driver for both retailers and brands, the key to a create a more prosperous world while using fewer resources, might be in the consumer's hands.

In other words: whether we'll succesfully move towards a more sustainable industrial system only partly depends on the efforts of manufacturers.


It also - or better: mostly - relies on the purchasing habits of the consumer. There should be an acceptable balance between sustainability, utility, and often, beauty: as such, 'smart consumption' can have a big effect.

We need to realize that we cannot just 'shop' our way into sustainability. (Sarah Scaturri, Head Conservator at The Costume Institute, The Metropolitan Museum of Art , New York)

This effect will only persist of course, if it delivers - apart from sustainability - also commercial benefit. The philosophy of smart consumption keeps both aspects in mind. Essentially, there should be motivations for consumers to shop differently. It's important to cleary point out what the advantages are in buying a sustainable version of a certain product.

In our case, buying home textiles through means you shop thoughtfully, and with regards to good aesthetics and quality construction.


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