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Envelop.eu textiles are made in the province of Antwerp, Belgium. 

And that's for a reason. Belgium has a long and rich tradition in the textiles and fashion industry.

Medieval cities like Bruges and Ghent were well-known for their textiles industries. Wool and linen cloth were exported to all of Europe. Flax was grown around Ypres. It was the centre for weaving it into linen - since the waters of the river Lys were suitable for retting flax. 


Belgian tapestries were - and still are - world-famous. Important weaving centres such as Brussels, Oudenaarde, Mechelen and Tournai produced, with unequalled technical precision, the most splendid weaving patterns often designed by famous painters. They were conceived as very popular textile design objects, because the were utilized as 'portable frescoes'.

Centuries later, Belgium still has a vivid textiles scene. The academies of Antwerp, Gent and Brussels - by the way, all located less than one hour driving from each other - delivered some of the most renewing fashion designers of the last decades, whereas Belgian technical and engineering schools excel in textile innovation.

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