Shop thoughtfully textiles are only made when someone wants them to be made.

All the products in our shop consist of fresh air. They're not there, only virtually. They only contain 0's and 1's, until you want them to become real. 

Since we print on demand, we only print what's strictly necessary and, literally, wanted. 



As such, we have no stock to manage, because we don't produce things that nobody ever asked for.  This way, no energy nor electricity is spoiled, and there’s nothing to throw away.

The moment you order an item, the digital content directly is sent to the digital printing device.

This closed digital circuit is far more sustainable than classic, analogue textile printing procedures, which - despite all efforts - traditionally are quite harming for our environment. Not only do they generate a lot of waste of unused inks and fabric, because of the inherent inaccuracy of the procedure. Also the screens, produced for every single design, will be thrown away after usage. No printing screens come in-between at, so no screens have to be destroyed afterwards. We don't like waste. It's bad, economically, but also for the environment.

Bottomline: we practically carry no waste, not in our 'stock', not in our production method.

That’s smart consumption.