What is Envelop?

Envelop is a contemporary home textiles brand from Antwerp, Belgium.

We publish a small collection every two months. Each collection is created in close collaboration with a compact team of artists, carefully selected by Envelop or a curator. Envelop home textiles are therefore exclusive and limited in edition, due to their temporary character.

Envelop hosts no physical stock. Every single order is printed and assembled on demand: it carries a unique label featuring a serial number. 

This workflow allows customers to gain exclusive and unique designer textiles items. 



Why Envelop?

And then I went on to talk about how magazine covers used to look, and how brave magazines once were and how inventive they were in the past, and how they didn't all look the same, then. How beautiful they were, and how boring they have got now. (Paul Smith, 'You can find inspiration in everything')

Envelop was born out of a profound love for textiles, and a profound love for graphics.

By creating high quality textile interior objects and fashion accessories featuring high quality work, we aim to send artistic ideas into the private and public life since 2009.


Who is Envelop?

Envelop's a compact team of highly dedicated professional enthusiasts, all with years of experience in textile industries.

Everything's pretty much coordinated by Serge. He currently lives in Antwerp with Sofie. Besides Envelop, he enjoys playing indoor football, supporting the Royal Antwerp FC, and writing songs for his band Portland.