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1. What's the Envelop shipping cost?

The shipping costs fully depends on the destination country. By selecting the destination country in the checout process, the shipping cost will show up. 


2. How will my item be packed?

Every entity (e.g. 1 apron, 4 napkins, 2 placemats) is packed in a polypropylene bag and contains a sheet of white silk-paper. All 'entities' are then collected in an envelope.

It will be shipped either this way, or in an extra cardboard box - depending on the volume of your order.


3. How will my item be shipped?

All orders are shipped in collabortaion with GLS logistic services.

4. Can my order be shipped to my country?

Currently we exclusively ship to European countries - although this might change in the future. If your country is listed in the dropdownlist of the checkout page, it can be shipped to.


5. Why was my order charged at customs fee when it was delivered?

Any international order may incur a customs fee. This is also mentioned in the third step of the checkout process. It's not Envelop who's charging this fee - it's your government. We unfortunately have no control regarding the customs authorities in your country or any other.

We apologize for any inconvenience. Be sure to contact your local customs office for more information about customs fees and duty taxes.


6. Can I ship to an address other than my billing address?

Yes you can.


7. Can I ship to multiple locations?

If you want to ship to multiple locations, you’ll have to place separate orders.


8. Will my multiple order always be shipped as a whole?

No, they will be shipped separately.


9. Can I ship to a P.O. box?

No, we’re sorry.

10. How do I know my item has been shipped?

We will contact you on your email address as soon as your order has left the building

11. Can I track my order status? Can I track my shipment?

Sure, as soon as you've received our shipping email. Simply send an email to and we'll provide your tracking info.

12. How long will it take for my order to be delivered?

Keep in mind all Envelop items are custom-made, 'on demand': nothing is available in stock - we can't just pick your item from the shelf. All our artist-designed products are totally unique pieces.

As such, we allow ourselves 15 working days to print, produce and finish your item(s). Add - depending on where you live and the time of the year (holidays) - 2 to maximum 10 working days delivery delay.

13. I haven't received my order yet!

If you haven't received your order within 30 working days, something must have gone wrong. Please don't hesitate to contact

IMPORTANT! Be sure to add your ordernumber and shipping address. This info can be found on the order confirmation we've sent to your email address after you've completed the payment procedure.

14. Can you put my order in a giftbox or wrapping paper?

No, we’re sorry. We don’t provide any gift or wrapping options. Then again, our shipping packaging is pretty well styled, so we’re convinced that extra wrapping would only mean a waste of paper!

Return Policy (7 topics)

Here we cover some frequently asked questions about our return policy. However, be sure to read our Sales Conditions very carefully: it covers all possible issues regarding returning and gurantee policies.


1. What is the Envelop Guarantee Policy? 

All Envelop items are custom made, on your demand. We've produced the article because you bought it. To emphasise this, your item will feature a personalised label: it is your product.

This all means we'll be unable to resell your product to another customer. So, we're very sorry, but unfortunately we can't accept "I don't like it" as a ground for returning the item.

2. How can I be sure I like the result?

To avoid dissapointment, we really want you to achieve the best possible idea of what the design and the item look like. Therefor:

1) Take a look at the design details on the product page, by clicking the 'View all' option,

2) Learn more about the product specifications, by clicking the 'More product info'-button,

3) Check our Shots of Envelop page, featuring 'live' images of some articles we've created.

3. What do I do when an product I purchased is blurry?

…then it is meant to be blurry. All design submissions that have passed our Review Team were conform our resolution rules, which means their overall sharpness level is optimal.

4. What do I do when the color is not what I expected it to be?

Color representation and reproduction both are fragile issues.

Be aware that all monitors (computerscreens) show the same color differently. Also color paper printers will give diverse results, depending on e.g. the ink and the paper you use. 

Don't expect your textile item to be exactly the same as it is on your screen or your print: there always will be a minor deviation.

IMPORTANT: Color differences can never be a ground for returning the item.

Go here if you'd like to learn more about our color policy towards Envelop designers.

5. But what if my item is damaged when it arrives?  Or what if the item I received was incorrect?

We are very serious about this. We want our products to arrive in optimal condition. 

Still, if you somehow receive the wrong product or a product which is damaged, you are able to exchange it for a store credit, by means of a Gift card which covers the full value of your initial purchase (incl. shipping costs), plus 25% to cover the shipping costs for the return, and the inconvenience we've occured.

To do this, you must contact us within 2 days of receipt of your order. This is the procedure:


1) Send an email at

IMPORTANT: Be sure to attach at least one clear photo of the damaged or wrong item, taken with a digital camera or mobile phone. We do not handle complaints without a proof of damage.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to add your ordernumber and shipping address. This info can be found on the order confirmation we've sent to your email address after you've completed the payment procedure.


2) Allow us 48 hrs to evaluate and resend you a reply with a Return Verification Code.


3) Return the product to:

Attn: Returns
Rozendaal 98
2440 GEEL (Belgium)

IMPORTANT: Be sure to write your personal and unique Return Verification Code on the package, or included in the package. This way we'll be able to compare the damage with your picture(s).


If your Return Verification Code matches with the pictures attached to your mail, we will refund you with a Gift card, containing the value of your initial purchase (incl. shipping costs), plus 25% to cover returning shipping costs and the inconvenience.

6. So I have to pay to ship it back to you?

Yes, you are in charge of the initial shipping costs. If we accept your return, these shipping costs will be included in your Gift card. We include an additional 25% on your initial cost to cover any extra costs.

7. I sent back a return, but haven't heard anything back. How long does it take for my return to be processed?

Returning your wrong or damaged good can take up to 10 working days to arrive. Once received, we handle your case immediately.

When your return is accepted as valid - the Return Verifiaction Code matches with photographed damage or wrong article - we will send you a notification email, containing your Gift card code.

Unvalid returns are returns that feature a wrong, uncomplete, unexisting or non-matching Return Verifiaction Code.


IMPORTANT: Always check your spam folder to make sure the notification didn't get marked as spam.