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1. What’s the Envelop Shop?

The Envelop Shop features all items of the current edition. You can sort the items by 'most recent', 'most viewed' or 'alphabetical', and filter them by article type.


2. What’s a Designer Shop?

A Designer Shop features the collection by the selected designers. It also the designer bio, the designer's most updated online portfolio, social media links, and an option to contact the designer.

You can also add an 'I like'-comment, to support the designer's work. 

3. What’s a thumbnail?

A thumbnail is a tiny mini version of the actual item: it represents the item in the Envelop and Designer shops. If you click the thumbnail, you'll be redirected to its productpage: that's where you can learn more about the design, add it to your wishlist, or to your cart.

4. What’s a preview?

A preview is a mock-up, a simulation of the way the design would look like if it actually gets produced. The productpage shows several previews of an item, like a Front Preview, Back Preview, or a Design Detail.


5. What’s a product page?

The product page gives info on pricing options, delivers some technical background and shows extra images of the product. It also contains the designer's comment on the design, and features options to add the design to your wishlist or to send it to a friend.

Finally it also tells you when it appeared in the shop for the first time and when it will expire.

Last but not least, it gives you an idea of how many people worldwide own this Envelop article. Quite often, you might be the first and only one...


6. What’s the meaning of the date mentioned on some of the previews?

Designers are allowed to update their designs. This means that they can remove their items from their collection whenever they want to. Envelop beliefs that – in that case – customers should be warned that, one day, this particular items won't be produced anymore. The date mentioned on the preview indicates the day the article will be removed from the collection. 

The thumbnail representing an article that’s about to be removed features a warning note.


7. What does the option Tell-A-Friend mean?

The option Tell-A-Friend offers you the possibility to send a short message to someone to tell about this product. Your friend will receive an email with the message and a URL linking to the item's productpage.


8. What is the Search-option? How do I search for an item?

We ask our designing members to tag their designs with some relevant keywords, regarding the main colors of the artwork, the theme, style and such. This offers you the possibility to rapidly explore the Envelop stock using keywords.
Just complete the Search-field with your keyword, eventually choose a product type, then click ‘SEARCH’.


9. How do you manage to have so many designs in stock?

We’re just managing a digital stock of textile designs, which is basically a bunch of 0’s and 1’s. We don’t have the actual, ready-made products in stock. We only start printing and producing an item when a customer actually orders it.


10. Can a particular item be out of stock?

As long as you can see it on screen, it’s available. We allow designers to remove items they’ve uploaded, but we always indicate the ‘expiring date’ on the productpage, and we tag the representing thumbnail with a 'Soon expiring'-message, so it’s clear which items are going to be removed within some time.


Wishlist (2 topics)

1. What’s a wishlist?

Envelop provides a rather large stock of fine textile designs, created by creatives with a talent for good design. Browsing these designs, it might be hard to remember all of your favourite items.

Of course we don’t want you to write down all these references. Therefore we’ve created the wishlist-tool. It is a tool which you can adopt to easily collect all the items you like. Consider it to be your personal ‘Best Of Envelop’, like a compilation.


2. How do I add items to a wishlist?

Just click on the wishlist's heart-icon and a blank wishlist pops up, in which appears the thumbnail of the item you just added. If you never made a wishlist before, you can save this by completing your email-address and save.
Later, you can recall your wishlist by opening a blank wishlist: just enter your email-address and press ‘recall’. Your favourites will appear.

Concerning the items collected in your wishlist, you’ll be able to add them to your cart, to tell-a-friend or to remove them. Clicking on a thumbnail redirects you to the product page of the item.

Finally, every item featured in your wishlist will visually be marked with a tiny red heart.


Gift cards (5 topics)

1. What is an Envelop Gift card?

An Envelop Gift card is a very practical feature. Although home textiles always are great and valuable gifts, it's sometimes pretty hard to pick the right style or color of the receiver - especially when there's a lot of different stuff available, which is the case. 

Gift cards leave the receiver the freedom to browse our collection and choose something he or she 100% likes.

2. How do I purchase an Envelop Gift card?

Go to Shop > Gift cards, then select a gift card value and hit 'Add to cart'. In the popup form you can enter how many gift cards of that amount you want to give. Then add the recipients email-address, his or her name, and a comment. Then click ‘Add To Cart’ again.

3. How can I redeem my Envelop Gift card?

Browse our catalogue for items you like, add them to your cart, and go to checkout. There you have the opportunity to enter the unique code of your gift certificate. Click ‘More’ if you aim to use more than one gift card code, and to cumulate gift cards as such.

4. Can I divide a Gift Card over more purchases?

No, we’re sorry.

5. Can I cumulate Gift Cards in 1 order session?

Yes. Just click the ‘More’-button on the checkout page, and you’ll find extra fields to complete with your unique gift card code.