Press references


20100825 view Knack Weekend | Belgium

20100810 view Viva | The Netherlands

20100729 view Vitaya Magazine | Belgium

20100701 view 101 Woonideeën | The Netherlands

20100601 view HomeConcepts | Malaysia

20100521 view 101 Woonideeën | The Netherlands

20100521 view Everyday With Rachael Ray | United States

20100505 view H Magazine  | Spain

20100420 view The Toronto Star  | Canada

20100413 view Parasol Magazine | United States

20100401 view Cut Magazine | Germany

20100313 view De Morgen Magazine | Belgium

20100301 view Dwell | United States

20091201 view 101 Woonideeën | The Netherlands

20090801 view Seroxcult Magazine | Italy



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